Thursday, June 30, 2011

You Made It Grandpa!

I hug grandfather very gently, because he is in a lot of pain. I hug him gently, because he is moaning and crying at the same time. The doctor and nurse walk in and she suggests "say your good byes." I feel like screaming, fainting into a dark ocean of tears. I watch the bed with Grandpa in it go out the door and my heart feels like it is going to explode. My 14-year old kind of tough brother said, "don't be afraid. Megan, Matthew, do you guys need a hug?" We say yes and both of our tears go all over Will's jersey. It is sopping wet salty tears. I am waiting. I am shaking like I was cold. I wait in the hall to hear that my grandfather makes it. The operation is finally over. My Dad whispers to Will, "He made it!" Will whispers to me "He made it!" I whisper to Matt "He made it!" I want to scream my head off that he made it, but we just jump up and down instead.